Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Best Ever Banana Bread (vegan + sugar-free)

I'm not quite sure where my love for banana bread came from. We've always had banana bread tins, though. Watch out everybody, we're proper bakers now! Even though I seem to remember loving banana bread from an early age, I never actually remember eating it. Second to carrot cake, banana bread is my favourite all time bready cake that isn't really bread. It's so naturally sweet but not too artificially sweet and has such a versatile recipe that you can really add anything to #gimmedates #ornuts

Despite the loafs adaptable and fun-to-add-to ingredients, I wanted to strip down the recipe to the naked nudies and take everything right back to the absolute essential classics (vegan and sugar free though). Behold, friends: The Best Ever (BEST EVER!) Banana Bread!

It all starts with a generally basic vegan batter and then bananas are added (mashed - so therapeutic...) for that quintessential banana-y sweetness. The batter is a no-brainier, no-timer. Ya just mix ya flour with ya baking powder, baking soda (still figuring out the difference), sugar or sweetener of choice and salt to balance out the sweetness. Then the wet ingredients rock up. Coconut oil to bind, dairy-free milk to bind some more, and vanilla essence (I don't know). That's the batter. So simple.

It's like cake for breakfast... Or lunch... Or whenever. SNACK TIME! Yes please! Also, it would make an awesome muffin recipe. Just sayin'. 

I can definitely see this becoming a firm friend on the breakfast rota (no, nobody is that organised.) and getting jazzed up a bit. Like a face lift for banana bread. I want to try adding dates and nuts for more texture and flavour and when I'm feeling particularly hungover food-related, I may even try adding peanut butter and/or choc chips. 


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