Friday, 1 August 2014

Travelling + Touring in Belgium // Photos

I always imagined the adult life was filled with many-a charcoal power-suit and many-a overdose on iced coffee. In my small childhood brain, the ideal lady jumped on a first class plane as the wind blew and changed, slept with her phone like a teddybear and speed-responded to her hectic email schedule. I still share the same thoughts with my younger-self though now the dream revolves more around travelling and sightseeing the cities too rich for me ever to see (still, of course, with the emailing robotic fingers and iced coffee in hand...).

I fulfilled this daydream to a minimal margin this summer by hopping onto a plane to Switzerland, returning, and within the same weekend, giving myself up to a Belgium ferry. I felt all swish and mature (probably more than I should have, or more than any sane person would have).

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