Friday, 29 August 2014

Sort Of A Wishlist

So, basically, now that the whole exciting summer shenanigans are over (when you read this, I'll either be in Tenerife or already back home), the natural mind automatically gets ready for Christmas. Well, mine does... Therefore, it is obviously necessary to start planning a wishlist. Obviously.

1. Feast your eyes upon these beauties: The Barry M Gelly Nail Paint! I have heard so much about these and really really think they would be so practical and long-lasting, as well as having a gorgeous jelly effect and shine. One can never have too many colours and these come in really pretty colours so there would be no shame at all in buying them. Pretty pretty pretty!

2. I heard about this book (The Body Book, by Cameron Diazon Essie Button's video, recommending it. I think, if I owned it, I would recommend it too. I like nothing more than knowing other people's opinions and points of view on things, and I really would love to know why eating junk food is bad, not just how bad it is.

3. In my dreams, I am a very avid smoothie-maker. In real life, not so much. But, I would if I had the Breville Blend Active! Enter all sorts of yummy breakfasts and snack possibilities: The Burnt Banana Chocolate Malted Milkshake from Joy The Baker, Easy Peach Fruit Smoothie from She Wears Many Hats. And, it's not just any smoothie maker. It's in sports-bottle size and so just perfect for on-the-go frivolities!

4. I would love to be a cookbook collector, for, even though my love for the kitchen is great, I don't actually possess many cookbooks. I especially need a vegan cookbook. That's necessary! The '31 Meals, from The Minimalist Baker, looks perfect! I love Dana and John and I read their blog too too often. I think their cookbook would make salads fun.

5. Enter: Milano Backstrap Birkenstock in Buffalo Black, Sandals. I think I should begin to accept the fact that I will never own another pair of Birkenstock, until the day they make them vegan-friendly. Someday... 

6. Vegan 1461 Black 3-Eyed Shoe, Dr Martens! Say hellooo to mama! These wonderful creations are VEGAN and extra SASSY! I think they are hard earned, so I think I should be getting them *ahem*...

7. I have many many plans to wear these ASOS Gents Jean in Rich Blue. I plan to wear them as my go-to jeans, with shirts and tops galore. I think they have a gorgeous vintage feel, while still being quite-ish modern.


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