Thursday, 21 August 2014

Primark Denim Boiler Suit // Outfit

This was not intentional. I wasnt feeling too good and had a moment of really not caring. But, I jjust couldn't face leaving the house looking bad. Is that vain? Probably.

This boiler suit/ overall/ denim jumpsuit (from Primark) is so so comfy and is really easy to wear. It takes me to a safe place where I can admit openly to eating biscuits and spaghetti hoops for dinner #definitelynormal. It feels nice to have a staple item that is a versatile and neutral colour that pairs so well with any palette.  I love how ready-to-wear it is. It needs only a few, if any accessorising, and can be worn very simply with minimal pieces. I am currently loving pairing it with my white Birkenstock or my black metallic slip-ons from Bebo Shoes. I also think it would be so easy to dress up and add some statement jewellery to wear as a fancier/dressier outfit. 


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