Thursday, 7 August 2014

Liverpool Day-Tripping Adventures

A while back when, I ventured to Liverpool with my family, totally on a whim (a total lie, because I'm not prepared, mature, road-safe or radical enough to live life by whims). Liverpool is my favourite city... second to Manchester... and London... and Paris... (Well, I like Liverpool!)

The force behind the decision to visit was to see the parade walking through the town centre. It was all very artistic and full of giant walking men and dogs made from wood and metal - so very entertaining and fascinating and right down my alley.

We also galloped (we galloped) onto the International Slavery Museum, which is definitely recommendable to all, and Liverpool One, which, if you have read far back enough, you will know I love! Carluccio's is the place to be seen and, and, they have a vegan menu so take me there right away! It would probably be best to go shopping when I have money to spend but, not to worry, I like to live life on the wild side... The shops welcome you all the same, money or not (because they know you'll find some somewhere, that little bit that was meant to be saved). Jamie's Italian is encouraged, too.


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