Saturday, 23 August 2014

Top-With-Anything Dark Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is always a good idea. It is a great pleasure of life to be able to share some chocolate bark with someone (especially if it is homemade chocolate bark). The ideal food-sharing situation would involve sharing iced tea and slightly melted chocolate bark. If someone is willing to share that moment with you, either marry them or give them a friendship-bracelet-thingy. They're worth it. And then, if they were to take their portion of chocolate bark, and then let you pick of the toppings... it's definitely love at first sight. Alternatively, sharing the chocolate bark with yourself, more chocolate bark, or the voices on the television, makes for a dreamy, sweet-tooth-satisfying evening. Either way, chocolate bark is always a really excellent idea.

I had to construct a list, always fun, of recipes and food I wanted to try over the summer. I didn't want to be left in the dark and forget all the hours of searching for mega yummy foodie inspirations on Pinterest. Chocolate bark was on the list.

It comes together in little baby steps... but such easy steps. Oh so easy!

It's really just melted chocolate of sorts, dark is preferable; which is then spread on to parchment paper rolled out over a baking tray. Easy peasy and so quick. We take it back to the roots with a simple one ingredient chocolate bark. None of that fancy cream or oil added. I mean, come on, we live on a schedule!

Then we top with toppings. This is a choose-your-own station because anything works. No, really, anything. And... we're really going for too much topping. Too many crushed biscuits. A lotta bit of peanut butter, too many raisins, and far too many salted peanuts. That's what we want. 

Like I said, anything goes. And if melted peanut butter and crushed biscuit on one side, and salted peanut and raisin on the other side isn't enough. Sea salt and date-y caramel? #outofcontrol Or just whole dates, just like that! Because dates and chocolate is never ever a bad idea! Coconut? 100% made for me! Peppermint? Why did I not know about this earlier? Really!

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