Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer Park Outfit

So, living here in Britain, summer is here. It should have arrived in your township, too - unless you live in California. Then you're lucky and summer never leaves #summershowoff With summer weather comes a whole new outfit system and wardrobe. This dress and this day are both so breezy and summery so it made the collection. 
This dress has been a firm loved staple since last summer when I bought it at a market in Provence on my holiday in la fran├žais.
I've taken to pairing it with my Birkenstock, or I just did in this outfit (my first time) - but I think it would look quite sassy with my Converse... depending on the amount of running the days agenda is requiring, ideally none, unless there is a drastically developing fire....

I had a fun photoshoot sesh with my lovely friend Shannon, who is very gifted with a camera. She took these photos for me (not that she had much choice...) You should probably follow her on Instagram. It's good, really good.

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