Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer/July Favourites

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Oh, let it be sunny again! 

Why, when the sun leaves, I suddenly start thinking about Christmas and how nice it would be to snuggle under a blanket and really appreciate the cold? For some absurd reason, if the 'summer months' are on, yet the sun is not there; people like to pretend that the sun is still there, continue to walk around in cheek-revealing shorts, and then (deep-within) become terribly miserable because of the need to indulge in non-existent sun. I would much rather accept the no-sun policy and go and make some hot chocolate. 

That's the British summer summed up...

More than the irrational planning of the Christmas tree colour scheme, I've also been loving a multitude of sins this summer.

Bright nails and nail art are my absolute version of the bee's knees this season. I have been Pinterest-ing far too any ideas, actually accomplishing some, and dreaming about others. I also want gel nails. Like, really want.

The end-of-season sales are always a fun way to let off steam. I particularly like having fun in clothes with the price tag of a car. That can go either way, but usually gives the player some form of amusement. 

I think the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game should be banned. I will stand up in court and stand my ground. It is a evil, mind-destroying, enslaving, and yet deeply satisfying game. Why would anyone download it... ignoring the fact that I downloaded it... what idiot downloads such a thing?...

I am also deadly serious about The Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chip ingeniously created by Joy the Baker. Very very deadly serious.

I have quite-recently-but-not-too-recently discovered the lovely works of Lily Pebbles and sat behind a iPad screen for an unhealthy amount of time reading her blog and watching and re-watching vlogs (because other people seem to have such Pinterest-able lives...).

My summer favourite blog-reading list has been compiled. I am obsessively loving (to the extreme of adding an icon to my homescreen...) 

Go eat some vegan cake and sing songs!



  1. Omg, I actually love crisps and chocolate together! Also, popcorn and chocolate - try it! Those cupcake biscuits in the book look amazing too!

    1. Ahhh, will definitely be trying all the recipes soon! x